Yoga- The Healer of Every Health Problems!!

Yoga- The Healer of Every Health Problems!!

To keep ourselves healthy and calm we need exercise that makes us fit, But do we need exercise only to keep our body healthy? Not only our body but our soul also needs to be pure, our thinking needs to be positive. We all know that in this busy life we get a lot of mental problems additional to physical ones. Stress and frustration are getting common these days but on the same side, we knew that these things are harmful to our mind and our soul because our unconscious mind disturbed our soul through which we sometimes lose our feelings, emotions, feel lonely and disappointed, No solution struck in our empty mind, we lose hope of getting better day by day. Today I will help you in reducing your physical as well as mental issues. Like Nature is a healer of the soul, Yoga is also a healer of soul, body, and mind. So, Today lets talk about it and knew about it.


According to Indian mythology, Yoga is a source of connecting god to the soul, it experienced us the essence of nature and keep our mind calm and our body relax.
Meditation is the best and the simple way of removing stress, its very easy to start and effective for mind also. This asana takes us in the world of peace that will make your soul clean. When you close your eyes and make your mind free of all the worries, you will feel the eternal connection with nature. Despite this Balasna, Shavasana, Sukhasana, Janu Sirasana, Garuda Mudra[Eagle pose], are also effective for our mind. One should do the asanas in the morning with the room empty because yoga is all about nature and tranquility which you will get only in the morning and also doing exercise in the morning makes our body feel great.Yoga is also helpful in losing fat, removing Backpain, curing disease, and many more physical ailments. High Blood Pressure, Sugar, and diabetic patients can also get advantage from yoga as it controls the blood pressure and lowers the sugar also.

Yoga- The Healer of Every Health Problems!!

How It is Effective in Weight Loss?

As yoga asanas include a lot of stretching that makes our muscles tight and improve metabolism that makes your body lightweight. Asanas for Curing Disease.

1. Halasana (For Thyroid)


2. Adho Mukha Savasana (For Arthritis)

Adho Mukha

3. Vrikshasana (For Lower Back Pain)


4. Chakrasana (For Diabities)


5. Paschimottasana (For Indigestion Problem)


6. Padmasana (For Migraine)


These Are Few Asanas Through Which You Can Cure Your Physical Ailments.

Suryanamaskar Asana

Above all of this Suryanamaskar Asana is the best and superficial yoga you can do, it losses weight, improve metabolism, lowers sugar level, enhance skin glow, strengthen your back and muscles, and ensures regular menstrual cycle also.
So, let’s take a step forward to kill our negative vibes, clean our soul, make our mind and body relax.

“Give Your Life a New Way to Live With the Best Healer i.e Yoga”.

Doing 4-5 asanas in 5 minutes a day can reduce your weight. It is hard to push ourselves to do something to get rid out of this but remember it is not impossible. All this needs away, with little determination and strength.


“It is Hard to Start but Simple to Connect”

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