The shoe is what We have always been choosy about our wardrobe, looks, and style. It’s nothing wrong in saying that compared to the past people now are really conscious about what to wear and what not to wear. As style makes the loudest and the clearest noise of our personality, it’s really important to keep it trendy.

Today, with so many cool kinds of shoes available, how to choose the one that will go best with your outfit? Whether we go for some airport looks, vacation trips, or parties footwear will greatly impact the overall style, as a better shoe a better impression.

Here are some tips to choose the best shoe to match your outfit

  1. Use the FOSA strategy for shoe 

If you arent well acquainted with what this really then keeps reading to have a brief about how beneficial this can be for your looks. As it stands for Formality, Occasion, Season, and Activity.  It completely wraps within it what to wear according to the comfort and situation you are in as looking gorgeous while being practical is the goal while matching outfits.

  1. COLOUR OR SPOILER for shoe 


This totally depends on your choice of style and how you wish to look. Some people really get attracted to colors while others putting down onto this assertion believe colors are the real spoilers of their looks. Chosen right- the color of your shoes can pull up your whole look, seriously.

For some matchy colors can be a really dumb idea as they really like going with some nudes, so this totally depends on your individual choice.

  1. Details, So what’s for now in a shoe! 

If your shoes have details with some overlapping patterns, designs or just a mixture of colors try to match your outfit with those shoes and not your shoes with the outfit. If you want to make your shoe the new style icon , focus on the main color of your shoe and style yourself accordingly. For instance to draw attention to some leopard print shoes just wear something simple of brown color and be on ‘trending’.

  1. No Matches

There comes a situation when your outfit and shoe don’t go along and it becomes nearly impossible to find a matching. What to do now? Go for some nude shoes to syle yourself. A nude shoe would match your skin color and also elongate your legs and clear your doubts.

  1. Shoes themed 


Sometimes when you want to go in trend with a theme try not to choose a color that matches completely with your outfit rather go with some mix and match. For instance, with a black and white outfit, red-colored shoes would be really icing to the cake.


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