Unsolved Mysteries Of India You Would Love To Read

Unsolved Mysteries Of India You Would Love To Read

Choose one: Thrill, adventure, excitement, mysteries,etc. one sec., Are you confuse, to select one?? If yes so, these are the parts of your personality. As we all know that, human by his nature is a very curious creature created by God., So can you imagine along with this, if a person is fond of finding unsolved mysteries..

Woahh….., it’s really cool. Do you also like mysteries or something like that, like me, if yes then this blog is only for you, I have something special in today’s collection?

As we all know that India finds itself in the list of top mysterious countries. Due to India’s vast cultural differences and mythological stories. it naturally becomes a land of unusual tales. Reasons are may be either human imaginations or rumors.

But mysteries are enough to shrug off you and even modern science also, so today I tell you the 5 unsolved mysteries of India Guys, Are you ready to start the journey with strange tales ??

So, Let’s Start the Mysterious Tour

Lakes of the skeleton- Roopkund lake, Chamoli Uttarakhand. Roopkund is widely known for the hundreds of ancient human skeletons found at the edge of the lake. when the snow melts, then you can’t believe what happened, can you guess?? The human skeletons are beginning to appear at its bottom. Research generally points to mythological events, where a group of people was suddenly killed, due to violent hailstorm in the 9th century. And Because of the skeletons on the edges of the river that river is known as a lake of skeletons. Guys, doesn’t it seems like a strange tale? With horrible excitement.


Mass bird suicide- dating, Assam. Jatinga, a small tribal village, and Assam’s only hill station are popularly known for the mysterious suicide of birds during certain weeks of the year. The village is also known as the valley of death for birds.don’t you think we had heard the Valley of Flowers till today? It is totally psychotic to hear that birds have been committing suicide which is really not a normal thing. Actually, the birds do not commit suicide but it has been killed, and thereby, the myth of suicide has spread far. Over the last 100 years, flocks of birds have flown to their death over a small strip of land in this uncanny Bermuda Triangle of fowl death that remains shrouded. Even though, India’s one of the most prestigious ornithologists’ studies are failed to explain the reason behind mass bird suicide.

Unsolved mysteries

The Yogi Who Lives On Nothing: A place called Ambaji, About 200 kilometers from Ahmedabad. lives a frail octogenarian ascetic, popularly known as Chunriwala Mataji. A brush with spirituality at the age of 11 years made Prahlad Jani a devotee of goddess Amba and he claims that he was blessed by the goddess who gave him the superhuman strength through an elixir, which drops through a hole in his palate. In 2003, a scientific research study was conducted on him by a medical research team of 21 specialists in which he was continuously monitored by video, but the investigations failed to explain the powers of Jani who claims to have gone without food and water since 1940. Unsolved Mysteries

Alien Rock Paintings Of Charama: Near the town of Charama in the tribal Bastar region of Chhattisgarh, Puzzling ancient rock paintings have been found in caves. Archaeologist JR Bhagat discovered them and said that they depict eerie humanoids with no facial features and other paintings of flying discs. Interestingly, nearby villages have several legends of small ‘Rohela’ people who used to land from the sky in a round shaped flying objects and kidnap one or two villagers. The Chhattisgarh Department of Archaeology and Culture has asked the ISRO and the US space agency, NASA, to help research these compelling finds. But the mystery is still unsolved.                                 

Unsolved Mysteries

The Mysterious Red Rain – Idukki, Kerala: The first incident of Red Rain in Idukki. In Hinduism, We all know that such things are considered as the wrath of God for sinners. It is a signal of destruction. Some believe the killing of innocents leads to red rain. Many scientists have proposed a possible explanation for the phenomenon. Some say that the rain contains micro-organisms. Others suggest an extra-terrestrial activity. But whatever be the explanation, the red-colored rain is a reason of curiosity and fear amongst villagers that still remains unsolved and yet a mystery.

Red rain

Guys these unsolved mysteries are amazing and many more mysteries are left to be explored. Stay adventurous and Stay explorer with the team of exploring2gether.



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