Tour to Shimla – The Queen of Hills

Tour to Shimla - The Queen of Hills

Are you a snowfall lover?
Have you ever went to the hill station?
Winter trips in hill stations are the coolest and exotic ones! But do you know what hill stations have the most beautiful snowfall? The place for best scenery of snowfall in Shimla also known as Queen of Hills.

Places You Must Visit In Shimla

Mall Road

In winter the road gets covered with this sheet of fresh white snow and is decorated with lights in the night it’s a long, wide road having markets of all things whichever you want but the most delicious thing is the double-decker ice cream topped with a butterscotch crush. The road has also had many hotels to stay, restaurants to eat, momos are available at every step and the food is superbly delicious. Along with this, it had a PlayStation for kids also. To add it all this is the most relaxing place, you can walk can stay and sit on the seats and enjoy the view. The best part of this road is that in winter you can complete your dream of making snowballs, throwing at your mates, and have fun.

Jakhoo Hills

Tour to Shimla - The Queen of Hills

If you want to relax your mind and soul, you must go to Jakhoo hills in which there is an ancient temple called jakhoo temples. It has a newly constructed statue of Lord Hanuman. The walk to the jakhoo hills is of 30minutes and is pleasure alone in winter but can be hard in summer. The place has peace and the good vibes by which you get calm. The way to jakhoo hills in autumn and spring is full greenery that will soothe your eyes. Greenery lets your soul be refresh and happy. As the temple has a statue of Lord Hanuman the way the temple is full of the clever monkeys that are in the see of the people having channels, bananas, or any kind of food item to snatch.



Kufri is the place where you can have true fun of playing with snow. It is 15km from Shimla. The view is extremely different from the view of the Allroad. Everything you encounter with the white, whole road, and the trees even the sheds of the Maggi stall cover with snow. Going to hills station can not be fun if you don’t eat Maggi. In Kufri, you can also visit the Zoo. It is 5km from Kufri and when you enter that zoo you feel as you enter in a real jungle the zoo is full of animals like leopard, rabbit, peacock and many more.

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