The Bandana Trend – Most Badass 90’s Accessory

The Bandana Trend - Most Badass 90's Accessory

Cycles and recycles are common stories in fashion. Each time a trend comes on with a unique and updated version of the old fashion. This decade has noticed an 80’s and 90’s influence. So, are you thinking of a better way to style your casual outfits? Just try out a bandana! It’s just a printed piece of cloth adding grunge –gangsta look. I love styling it with a denim jacket or an all-black outfit, it comes in many colors but with black and red trending the most. Many celebrities have been spotted pulling off their outfit with bandanas too! Now, worried about how to wear it and how to style your bandana? Well, there’s no one way of wearing this. Bandanas can be worn as a top, hair band, around your neck, and many more. So here are 7 cool ways you can use this versatile piece of material to enhance your outfit.

1. HeadBand:


This is the cutest. All you have to do is wrap the whole thing into a band, tie it around your head and leave the hair or you could pull few strands of hair in the front to give a messy look. If you have bangs then you’re rocking this look already. So, ladies, you have a hair-do in less than a minute.

2. Choker:

The Bandana Trend - Most Badass 90's Accessory

If you’re wearing V-neck or clothes with a plunging neckline, you could go for styling it as a choker instead of neck jewelry. Again, it’s a pretty simple technique, just tie it around your neck with a cute bow or leaving the ends tied upfront.

3. Ponytail-Princess:


It’s chic and easy to wrap the bandana around a ponytail to make it look fancier instead of scrunchies or other bands. Tie it around a high or a low ponytail and leave the ends hanging down for a prettier view. Just make sure to match it goes well with the choice of your outfit.

4. The Cover-Up:

The Cover-up

This is one of my most favorite looks. Wearing it as a knotted necklace. Preferably with the buttons open and the bandana inserted inside, it would look more fashionable though, but works either ways making you look OG!

5. Tube Top:

Tube Top

Ok, so this is the update of the old trend I was talking about. It’s not just restricted to hair accessories. It can be worn as a tube top too in multiple ways. You could attach your straps to it, wear it with a shrug or a simple shirt, or even wear it on top of a shirt. Now isn’t that the coolest?

6. Big-B Knot:

The Bandana Trend - Most Badass 90's Accessory

The messy hair bun has always been a live saver so why not add a Lil’ more to it? Tie your bandana right around your bun to create a small knot or even acute bow tie to make it look prettier and cuter.

7. Hygiene Mask:

During this pandemic of Covid-19, it’s a must to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth almost everywhere. Finding ways to make this fashionable too? Well, we’ve got bandanas to cover this requirement for us too. Pull it back and tie to cover your nose and mouth and this could still pull off your gangsta-gurl look.

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