Mental Illness!!


Mental Illness!!! We all have heard about this term. Right?
So, what is mental illness? Do we actually know what it is? Mental illness is something that if we hear about this, it won’t seem like a big issue but if we actually think about it in deep, it is actually a huge issue. Emotionally not stable, anxiety, depression, stress, tension, we all have heard about these terms. But the thing is why we all face such problems. We get emotional on very little things, if someone talks to us in high pitch, we start crying. We take tensions on very small things like if we get fewer marks in a class test, our mobile phone is not working properly and many other things. As time passes and we grew adult, we start taking career tension so badly that whatever happening around us, we are just lost in our world thinking about what will happen to me, I am good for nothing, I can’t do anything in life. Does this happen to anyone? I am sure you are thinking that yes, I am the one facing this. These all tension, stress, anxiety affect our mental health so badly that we face situations like depression. Yes, some of us become depressed. There can be so many reasons which make us feel depressed like career tension, a relationship issue, financial problem, family problem, had a fight with dearest one and so many. But now let’s think about one point. What will we get by thinking about all these problems so badly?

Mental Illness

Will we get something?
So, the answer is yes, you must be thinking about how. Okay, I will tell you how.
The only thing that will happen is we will become prey to depression due to which our family will start taking tension for us. Yes, this is the only thing we get by thinking too much. It’s not just about our mental health and illness, but if we are mentally depressed our enemies will start taking advantage of that.

We all know and heard the case of Late Sushant Singh Rajput. Now, this is the official news how his so-called girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty made him realize that he is mentally disturbed and she so cunningly took advantage of that and grabbed his assets. However, he was not mentally disturbed but that cunning women planned all this way and succeeded in spreading the rumor that he was mentally disturbed. This is the official news. So, it is just an example that how someone can take advantage of your mental illness. Some of us become so depressed that we commit suicide and before doing that, we all forget about how our parents looked after us, how they pampered us, how much they did for us, and we just commit suicide. It’s not like that we should not think about all these problems, but it’s like we just have to understand our problem and thinking that where we are lacking. There is no problem for which there is no solution. If we will think about them calmly, then everything will be good. You and your family, all and everything will be fine.

Mental Illness

Mental health has become such a big issue nowadays. Almost every day, we hear news about the suicide that this person has committed suicide and that person has committed suicide. No, this is wrong. There is no problem in this world which we can’t solve. We just have to think about it calmly. We should spend time with our family, with our friends so that our mind always remain occupied and there is no scope for distraction. Family is the best medicine for every problem, be it mental illness and any other problem. They are the best mentor, the best advisor. The more we spend time with them, the happier we will be. If we are mentally strong and stable then we can do anything.

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