MEDITATION- The Power Of Mind


You are amazing for,

Career problems, family problems, relationship problems, health-related issues, etc. despite having these many problems you are always smiling.

you believe it or not, but thinking about all these you get depressed in some way or the other. Am I right?

Yes, because somewhere we all connect with this, but the thing to think about is, that human beings are the wonderful creation of God and their minds are more amazing than that.

You know, what a man thinks, is a scientific fact that it happens in his life. So now the point is how to we think either positive or negative.

negative thoughts make our environment very disturbed, we get irritable, angry, and don’t even like to talk to anyone.

whereas positive thoughts traits positive wife in our surroundings and because of which we can see the solution in every problem and get the courage to handle every situation.

and when we talk about meditation so meditation is just like a powerful weapon that works on our mind for our problem.

Hair saying that doing meditation will solve your problems, but yes it does give positive courage to fight with the situation.

Are you aware of the incredible benefits of meditation?

Let me tell you the Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduce stress
  • Control anxiety
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Lengthens attention span
  • May reduce age-related memory loss.
  • Can generate kindness
  • May help fight addictions
  • Improve sleep
  • Help control pain
  • Can decrease blood pressure and many more.

When we meditate, we remain calm and relaxed and when we remain calm, we will be happy, and where there is happiness, you must have heard that idiom  saying,

There is no big dose than happiness.

Meditation is good for people of every age, either children or adults, in fact, everyone should do meditation Because in today’s running life we ​​are not able to pay attention to our health, which is also affecting our mind also.

It will take time to remove the pollution from outside and it is not even in our hands, but we can clean the pollution of our mind ourselves, which Can be cleaned through meditation.

Now the question arises is there a best time to do meditation?

 Well, we can do meditation anytime, but its right time is from 4 AM – 4 PM because it is said that at this time the angle between the sun and the earth is at 60 degrees.

In which meditation gives better results.

You cannot even imagine how good an effect you will get from meditation.

So, what are you waiting for, nothing is important than health.


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