Looking for Something Fashionable ??


What is more fashionable, strips, or polka dots? Lose clothes or fitted? Crop top or that long kaftan? Blazer or jacket? Jeans or cargo? Blue or black? Oh, God! So many questions come into our mind especially when we get an invite to a party or it is our special day but what is actually fashion? Have you ever thought of it? Either yes or no, no need to worry about these questions anymore because my girls and boys I have got all your worries solved here for your long fashionable run.

Are you ready? First of all, please remove that thought of following your favorite actor or actress’s dressing style, because we all have different personalities, body types, and of course comfort zone. In this blog, I will focus on clothes as per our comfort zone because that’s the fact that matters by the end. So forget about all the weird trends and tight your seat belts for this journey, where you will definitely fall in love with yourself and will become your own trend.

Now when you are ready to follow yourself, let’s see what type of clothes you can wear on different occasions and today let’s talk about the clothes a college student can adapt throughout his/her college life. Here is a list of fashionable clothes.


Looking for Something Fashionable ??

For the first day of college, during orientation, don’t wear all funky or casuals, as this is about building your first impression, and believe you never need one in your peer group. So you need to make sure that your professors, dean, and director are all impressed and can tell by a first glance that this kid is worked on himself/herself.
For girls, I prefer a stylish semi-formal top (not the crop one until you know the crowd) with a medium waist trouser and carry your outfit with your best shoes, in which you run as fast as possible or you know, just walk fast to the stage and feel super comfortable on it. Avoid heels, no personal reason, but you never know what you will go through. Of course, wear everything comfortable, and I have a hack for you in between, so keep reading.

For boys, I would say first clear one thing girls won’t fall for you at the first sight because this is your life, not a movie. So wear a semi-formal shirt with your best-fitted trousers, not those low waists. Carry your outfit with sports shoes and, do wear a belt to ignore all the wardrobe malfunctioning because being fashionable is all about carrying yourself properly.

Casual Days:

Casual Day

This is really an every morning trouble and time taking process to decide what to wear. From the first day of the college to its last day, we remain confused about what to wear each day. Sometimes we think, it does not matter what we wear and then, on the other hand, we need to rock each and every output and cheer each and every day. To stay happy and look cheerful I prefer to go with a casual look in which I and all of us stay comfortable and of course, it must be catchy but not highlighted.

Wear cool and happy shades like sky blue, orchard, mustard, red, black, white, grey, etc. these shades are an all-time favorite and highlight your personality. You select patterns too, for example, stripes, flowers, blocks, etc. this showcases your personal choice and in fact tells a lot about yourself, which we may end up discussing soon.

For your bottoms, wear jeans, cargo, trousers, etc. like anything but of your size and trust me low waist is so not in fashion and also looks so terrible when not worn properly. Always wear your comfortable clothes because sometimes for stepping out of your comfort zone you need to keep yourself in the comfort zone.

Fresher’s Party:

Freshers Party

The most waited day, not for only a fresher but for all year students as this is time to celebrate your new world and entry of new people in your college life. Mostly all fresher’s party has a theme but to nail this theme we need to work hard on appreciating ourselves. Plus this is the chance to show how fashionable you can be.

Yes, you need to applause for yourself before getting into any event, this not only builds your confidence but seriously makes you and your outfit shinier. Mostly all the boys need to wear formals but a unique style can be embossed into everyone’s mind. So wear your formals but carry it with some different style, like wear your coat on a t-shirt either plain or vertically striped. This will not only make your chest look broader but will add creativity to your look.

College Fest:

Looking for Something Fashionable ??

One of the very thrilling experience one can ever get is from college fests, here you will enjoy days and nights with your best friends for a lifetime, college friends. Weeks of preparations and a mesmerizing event that will fill you with energy, joy, and happiness. So it is very important to look party-ready but all ready to enjoy at any place. Here your outfit must represent you, so select it wisely. Carry a party look but make sure to choose cool-warm shades and sweat absorbing fabric because the energy will fill you with heat that must not let you stop. Look your best for pictures and of course for those crazy random clicks. If you have a stage the performance, then make sure that your dress gets embraced by the sun or the environment and the audience must look at you like you are the most confident and stylish person carrying your outfit. The audience must go like “WOO HOO, That’s what we say fashionable”.



This is your official last day of college, your juniors, professors, and the director are there to say their final goodbyes. On this occasion, you may not remember a but don’t worry you can get an after-party and reunions so make sure to leave a remarkable exit as you left a remarkable entry. Make sure your smile and confidence will make your outfit perfect.

Carry it with grace. Make sure that you must leave a mark in everyone’s heart that yes he/she was the best and for this. You need no expensive clothing, just your flavor. One more hack I have for you. As we talked about experimenting on yourself, you can also go with different color combinations according to your skin tone and body type. Don’t bother thinking that being fat is not good or something.

One must always stay healthy rather than being thin or fat or whatever because we have this huge market providing us variety, so everyone can take some of it to create his/her own fashion.

Sports Day:

Sports Day

This is the day for high spirits and to boost your energy so just wear skin-friendly clothes to make sure that you don’t go all sweaty or itchy because here we either need to take part in to cheer our fellows. Wear a normal cotton t-shirt with sports trousers which will make you look sporty and ready.

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