Is Following Fashion a Compulsion?

Is Following Fashion a Compulsion?

The Word Sounds Like F-a-s-h-i-o-n, a Word Full of Richness and Glamour. The word fashion itself is a Brand Name. Fashion is like the Armor; we all try to use it to survive the reality of everyday life. Let me share yesterday’s incident. My friend and I were in the middle of the conversation and suddenly she saw a girl passing by. She commented and said. ‘’Hey, just look at her, she is so fashionable’’. I looked at her and asked the reason behind her statement and literally was paused for a few seconds after the reply. Want to know here reply, she replied. ‘’Aree, See Her Handbag, It’s of ‘da Milano’. So yes, you may consider it my reason for writing this blog and breaking the myth which people believe are true. As people define fashion as Tags of High Figure and Brand Name. For Me, It’s a Big No. Fashion is all about Style, Personality, and how a person carries himself. Fashion is a Trend but Personality and Style Remains Forever. Clothes will not have any importance unless and until a body with a soul is hugging it tightly.


Style is something which resides in all of us, it’s just the matter of finding that style and making a trend out of it. To show your worth through brand you need to show the brand name and the price tag but the style is the way to say who you are without having to speak. As Glamour Can Be Peaceful Too.


Clothes are not a matter of concern. What matters is how you wear it according to your personality and style. The outfit should not always be according to the Trend. We Must See the Situation, Time, Place, and Most Importantly Our Comfort. Fashion may have an easy definition in the dictionary but it’s not a word that everyone can understand. It has a vast meaning in its self. There is a lot more to come, as being fashionable is necessary but only in its true way. It’s just the beginning readers.

Let’s explore together the journey of #Stay Connected.

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