Healthy Life : A Week Challenge!

Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle

Some of the feelings that have stuck in our body, killed our minds and made us helpless. And these problems are solved by us in ways like binge-watching a series or bingeing on bars of chocolate. Get up, look around because bingeing onto some easy runaways won’t help you get along with the problems A healthy life would.

However, a healthy diet full of nutrition and exercise can act as a cherry on the cake taking away the stress, lowering down the anxiety levels, and boosting your mental health.

Today, where we all are just locked up in this unusual situation, mental disorders are something being commonly heard. But do we know how to combat it? I guess most of us will nod our head to disagree. Although the health nutritionists have never left a chance to stress on how a balanced diet and exercise can lift up the physical health but no doubt its effect on mental health can be overheard almost everywhere in conversations nowadays.


Like our body requires energy to perform tasks in the same manner our brain requires fuel to send responses or to manage tasks. So the relation is hence proved that what we eat not only affects the body structure but also affects the way in which our brain functions and ultimately affecting our mood. Eating ample amounts of vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants not only helps our brain to function but helps it to keep working efficiently. Like a car can’t work without wheels, our mind is the wheel for our healthy life. And when the food is healthy our mind nurtures. Refined sugars or processed food are toxic for the brain, thereby hampering its effective functioning. This might come as a shock. But 90% of serotonin, which helps in maintaining our mood swings, produced in the gastrointestinal tract bringing to our notice that the digestive system not just digests the food intake but also regulates our emotions. All we need is a good diet and exercise to cheer up our mood in less than some minutes.


Less of an iron diet leads to feelings of fatigue and sometimes depression.
Food is rich in iron diet: raisins, oatmeal, etc.

Low levels of zinc results in depressive symptoms
Food is rich in zinc diet: spinach, kidney beans, etc.

Vitamin D helps to nearly combat depression.
Food is rich in vitamin D: eggs, milk, etc.

Magnesium acts as the building block of serotonin which helps to regulate our emotions.
Food is rich in magnesium: Fish, banana, etc.

These, just some of the most important nutrients required in a healthy diet. A balanced diet filled with nutrients, proteins, and minerals can lift up the mood in minutes while turning the other way round unhealthy food burdened with fatty substances can also cause some major physical and mental issues.

Our advice for a healthy life: Exercise

Putting down to what people believe and say, exercise isn’t just about maintaining physical health but it actually helps to combat several mental health issues in people. Increasing the working of endorphins that help us increase immunity and balance mood to increasing self-esteem exercise has always been one of the most important parts of the healthy dictionary. It’s the perfect and the most suited combination of what our blood needs. Yoga and meditation well said to have helped people with both their physical and mental health issues.

Eat right, keep your body fit, and mind healthy. Try out now, just for a week and experience yourself.


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