Healthcare: for Women And Men


Healthcare is required for our health and it is the most maintenance and desirable improvement, because of its prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, cure of disease, illness, injury, and the other physical or mental impairments in people. healthcare has come to mean every aspect, service, and device for taking care of your health. It has become conscripted by government, politicians, political ideologies, third parties, and media to conveniently and neatly define whatever they want to “give” you. By simply becoming involved, these middlemen are diluting the quality of the actual health service you can achieve, be the government or insurers.

Healthcare for Inner peace :

And, good spiritual health means good healthcare and you have the ability to understand the reason for your existence and you live your life creating a balance between ambitions and culture.

There are two types of Health

1. Physical Health
2. Mental Health
  • Physical Health 

1. Being fit, not overweight
2. Eating calories u require, not overeating
3. Eating healthy foods like whole grains legumes vegetable fruits milk and nuts
4. Avoiding all junk food like oils, added sugar n refined flours
5. Working out or playing an hour a day
  • Mental Health 

1. Positive attitude towards life

2. Being happy and sharing happiness

3. Being self-content not greedy

4. Accept failures and accepting life is not perfect

5. Free of addictions like drinking, smoking, drugs

How to check your health within a short time, all by yourself at home: 

Eyes Checking – Drag the lower eyelid down and see the under-eye color, and if the color is pink, and it indicates good health condition but if the color shows yellow or pale pink so, then you are under illness which indicates tissues are not receiving enough oxygen and cannot work full-fledged which may denote Anaemia. so, take proper care of it and maintain it. so, because your eyes can look good to you and others!

Ears Checking – Lift your hands as far as you can from your ears and rub your fingers. If you hear the rubbing sound of fingers then ears are fine else you may need to consult a specialist for a hearing problem & consult soon. It is simple to test that helps in checking the impairment of hearing.

Hair Checking – Take the small lock of your to dry and clean hair and pull it slightly. If you have no hair or 2 or 3 strands of hair in your hand then it’s fine else your hair is an abnormal condition due to hormonal imbalance, stress, and deficiency of nutrients. because of deficiency sometimes hair falls you might have seen ladies you know so, keep it clean and take proper care of it.

Feet Checking – Lie flat on the floor and lift your feet up at a 45-degree angle for 15 minutes. and now check the feet color. because it is a pale pink then it is fine but if it represents full white then it indicates bad blood circulation because of clogged arteries which cause pain or numbness in the feet. also, because of not doing exercise your body becomes weak or you feel lazy sometimes. so, do care for your feet.

Heart Checking – Climb 10 to 12 steps of the staircase as you can. If you do not feel any discomfort in breathing then you are absolutely well fit but if you can’t breathe properly after activity then it indicates your cardiovascular system and lungs can’t handle the physical activity. because of it, your body needs more care and health.

Hands Checking – Lift your hands up and pressed together so, that forearms are parallel to your face & Now bend your fingers inwards then try to reach the base of your palm with the tips of your fingers.

Check Your BMI (Body Mass Index) by

  • BMI = your weight (in kg) / your height in square (in cm)

Some Tips For Your Health To Keep Your Body Healthy

1. Cook at Home: Home-cooked food is what health freaks a person wants and it keeps our body to look good and maintains good and also helps our body to work functionally. so, every person needs. eat healthy home food at your home. feel safe eating at home.

2. Spend More Time with Family: Talking to your close ones & dear ones keep you close to them so maintain the relationship & talk with them also they want you to.

3. Drink Plenty of Water: Water plays a vital role in our body. it contains many nutritions such as vitamins, minerals, glucose.

4. Physical Fitness: In today’s Era physical fitness is mandatory to everyone it is important to keep yourself fit & peaceful mind

5. Eat a Vegetable with Every Meal: Veggies are required to your body which can prevent you from diseases, bacteria, make some veggie soup it will also keep your immune system good. it keeps us in a proper diet & maintains it.

6. Plan Presents for People Ahead of Time: Belief in the present & yourself.

7. Do Yoga: It makes your body more stretchable if you like then at least keep doing for about 30 minutes else do Gym. so, you should involve in Physical Activity like Yoga, Gym, Swimming, etc also it is important for our healthcare.

Do it: When you want to get a nice gentle stretch and look through your neck spine and hips.

Modify: You can rest your head on a cushion or block. You can place a rolled towel under your ankles if they are uncomfortable.

Be mindful: Focus on relaxing the muscles of the spine and lower back as you breathe.

8. Complain Less: Yes, see more speak less which is useful & beneficial to you.

9. Find an Active Hobby: Hobby is what makes us feel good if we do so, make your time in twice a week do what you like & make your happiness to grow.

10. Personal Mantra: For your health and healthcare find your happiness where makes you feel comfortable, secure it can be your hobby, work, your passion also which keeps your mind healthy.


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