Google Meet And Google Duo : New Features

Google Meet And Google Duo


The Internet search gaint Google has added some new features to it’s video calling app Google Duo and to it’s  Meet app. The use of these apps has increased 10 times during the Cocid-19 period. For the past few weeks, we are not able to meet our close ones so we connect to each other through video call apps whether it for birthday party or a family party everything is virtual. Even we study through various virtual video calling apps . And google is trying it’s best to make our video and audio experiences better. So let’s talk about the new features added to these apps.

Google Meet And Google Duo


  • It is very difficult to have a good quality have a good quality video call with such high number of users. Google is constantly making optimizations to give us a clear and uninterrupted video calling experience.Google has introduced a new video codec technology for a better video calling experience even on low bandwidth connections.
  • We can take pictures on video call and capture the moment and share it on phone, tablets and Chromebooks and share it with everyone on the call.
  • Google has increased the number of participants from 8 to 12.
  • Google makes it possible for you to send personalized vedio and voice messages to people when you can’t call.



  • Google has introduced a new feature it’s meet app which let’s you see up to 49 people at the same time in the auto and tiled layout options.
  • Company has also added the feature of seeing the host of the meeting as a tile on the call.

These features are available to both the G Suite customers and users with personal google account. You can also set the number of tiles you want to see on one screen at a time.


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