Food Hacks Everyone Should Know!!

Food Hacks Everyone Should Know!!

Hey! How do you do? It’s quarantine, most of us started learning cooking, have you ever felt like ” Oh! If at all is there any trick to save this moment?” Oh yeah, it would be cooler if you learn some food hacks along to pass such a difficult situation. Come on read this, I personally tried these hacks and it really worked.


Food Hacks Everyone Should Know

Banana stays longer when it is located somewhere that allows the movement of air. This hinders the ripening process and this helps banana from getting spoilt earlier and also keep the bananas away from other fruits, the gas released from the banana will spoil them hastily.

2. Pizza:

We all love pizzas. We definitely face this issue after a house party. Where we order a huge number of pizzas and have few leftovers, the next day we throw them away or eat it with hesitation. To avoid such a situation, here comes a trick! Revive the freshness by just microwaving the dried out pizza with a mug of water, this water evaporates hydrating the pizza, now what? Your pizza again got its cheesy gooey texture. Ready to eat!!

3. Sugar and Salt:

sugar and salt

If you want to increase the taste of your dishes, then add a pinch of salt to the sweets and a pinch of sugar to the savoury, this counter-intuitive method does a great trick by balancing the flavours. Trust me, this really does magic.

4. Green Veggies:

green veggie

Cook your green vegetables in boiling water for a few minutes and then plunge them into a bowl of ice water. This helps the vegetables from overcooking and also this helps to retain the green colour of the vegetable. This also helps to seal the nutrients and flavour of the vegetable. This method is known as blanching.

5. Onion:

Food Hacks Everyone Should Know

Onions are one of the crucial ingredients of our Indian cuisine. We love onions when our pani poori bhaiya adds extra chopped onions, we love onion rings but none of us like chopping it due to the tears we drop, am I right? Here is a simple trick to avoid this, chill the onions in the fridge or freezer and then chop it. This helps onion from releasing chemicals easier and thus you won’t be dropping tears.

I hope all these food tricks would help you in the future to avoid the oopsies taking place in cuisine. Self-help is the best help one can do, try all these next time and don’t waste food because numerous people are dying out of hunger. So, yeah! I hope you are aware of these tricks now, so go ahead and try these tricks and turn cool! Don’t forget to like, comment and share. Have a great day)

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