Agra: The City of Taj

Hey, readers today we are going to explore the Agra City which is known as the city of Taj and its famous things going on there. Let's go Agra is...

Rajasthan: The Land of Kings and Queens

Rajasthan: The land of Kings! Have you heard the stories of King Maharajas in childhood? We all heard a lot of stories of Raja rani, but have you ever notice that...

MUMBAI- City which don’t sleep!

Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan Zara hat ke zara bach ke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan” these line of the film CID merely define saddest and dark part of...

Eyes: Pamper And Love Your Eyes

Do you also think?? That, this world is so colorful and beautiful. how many unique things are there. How many wonderful people, such a wonderful places, and amazing views,...

DARJEELING:- The Winter Heaven

Darjeeling originates from two Tibetan words: “Dorje” and “ling”. Dorje signifies thunderbolt which according to Hindu mythology is the staff of God Indra. The word “ling” means an area...

Varanasi: The Spiritual City Of India

Hello dear viewers, how are you all? What’s up these days? Missing those spiritual vibes on each occasion by not being able to go to your desired pilgrim place?...

Kasol : Love adventure and the beauty of nature

We had 4 months of complete holidays but we couldn’t leave our houses. The people who live in the cities are now technically not only bored with their daily...

Dalhousie : Little Switzerland of India

Dalhousie is situated in Himachal Pradesh Dalhousie exudes an old-world charm also it is a paradise tucked away in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, this...

Allahabad Stories You Need To Know

Allahabad officially known as Prayagraj, is a holy city , highly regarded as a historical and religious rich city of Uttar Pradesh. Allahabad is also known as 'sangam city'...

Auroville, ‘The Beautiful City of Dawn’

Planning to visit Auroville? And mostly you love to visit natural and historical or full of tradition and peaceful places. Then you are in the right place. Are you bored...