Auroville, ‘The Beautiful City of Dawn’


Planning to visit Auroville?

And mostly you love to visit natural and historical or full of tradition and peaceful places. Then you are in the right place. Are you bored with your busy day to day life routine? Need a break?

Yes, everyone should need a break at least in a year. To refresh our mind and refresh our thoughts.

So let’s take a break and plan a trip with your friend and your soul. The most important thing is just to leave your all stress, negative thoughts, and workload behind and visit a peaceful place. Hare, we share all the information of one of the best peaceful and fully traditional places in India known as Auroville in Viluppuram district near Puducherry in Tamil Nadu state.


This place is famous for its peaceful environment or its tradition and culture. Nature shares its bounty in abundance and the effect is amplified by the beautiful people of Auroville.

Top sightseeing when you are in Auroville.

  1. Find Peace at the Matrimandir


Once the prime things to do in Auroville is visiting the Matrimandir. Matrimandir, which is the Sanskrit word for ‘Temple of The Mother’, is the most important edifice of the Auroville township in Pondicherry. Located just in the middle of Auroville in a large open area known as ‘Peace’, Matrimandir is fondly known as the ‘soul of the city’ and holds crucial spiritual significance for those who practice Integral Yoga. At the same time, it is also a place for individual silent concentration.

  1. Take a walk and sit at Auroville Beach.


Auroville Beach, also known as the Auro Beach is located in Pondicherry. It is a part of the Auroville Ashram and is situated about 10 kilometers away. The Ashram has maintained its serenity and ensured that it is not tampered or changed a lot due to human encroachment. Auro Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Pondicherry. It attracts a lot of tourists and locals.

3.Explore Nature at Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden at Auroville was established to celebrate and preserve the beauty and diversity of nature and nurture its relationship with humankind. The 44-acre botanical garden is home to 250 different tree species divided into 15 beautiful gardens. The green zone offers a rejuvenating environment that can be explored by all. One can also purchase plants from the Garden Shop or volunteer to help maintain the beautiful botanical garden.

  1. Feel Relax at the Beautiful Bodhi Beach.

Bodhi Beach is a serene beach apt for leisurely strolls along the golden shoreline, for a swim, or for surfing in the beautiful Bay of Bengal. Its proximity to the main town makes it a perfect spot to unwind and relax.

  1. Cycling on the Winding road.

Cycling on the winding roads across town is one of the best things to do in Auroville and also one of the popular ones as the town promotes sustainable living and pollution-free transport. You can explore the peaceful roads even at midnight. There are several options in the region where you can rent these bicycles for any period of time.

There are lots of things to do and explore new things in Auroville. Take a deep breath and feel the positivity, refreshment, and beauty of nature.

The question is arising in your is mind is

Why should you travel?

Not only exploring a new thing, experience a new place but also knowing yourself and finding yourself

Why this place?

Because this place is introduced to yourself that’s who are you and teach you how to live with simplicity. The environment of this place acts like stress relief. For sure enjoying your whole journey with a peaceful mind and learning new things.

Thank You!




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