A perfect location for a perfect solo trip – Ladakh


A solo trip is the best indeed, the fun, the adventure, the thrill. The surprises are all at a new level. Solo rides give you a full new exposure. You can find a new you and for all this “Ladakh” is one of the perfect locations.

Ladakh gives you everything on a solo ride. If you love shopping then the silver antiques and pashima shawls and clothes are the best. Ladakh offers everyone a little so for a group tour also, Ladakh is the best.

What does Ladakh Offers for a Nature lover?

Being a nature lover I can assure you that natural beauty lies here, all the valleys, mountains, rivers, and even the roads, they all are a perfect example of Beauty built by nature. On a solo trip, you can just lose yourself and enjoy nature.

Tso moriri and Pangong Tso lakes are two major lakes found here surrounded by brown mountains and with shining blue brackish water, on the indo-china border, this takes you closer to nature.

What does Ladakh Offers for a Trekkers?

The mountains here attracts the trekkers from all around the world as the peace and calm plus the beauty you find here is quite not possible to find any other way around. Ladakh provides many locations to establish your camps around and enjoy a campfire at the night time.

Around the lakes and over mountains, the solo tours are all about getting immersed in the beauty of Ladakh. You can also experience White river rafting here in the summertime which is indeed the best part of this tour.

What does Ladakh Offer for a lost person?

If you are lost in your own thoughts and can’t figure things out then Ladakh gives offers you some very famous and cool monasteries which can not only help you with the meditation but also helps you to find yourself, the true self.

It will connect you with your soul and will get your mind at inner peace. Spitak Gompa and Hemis Monastery are two very famous monasteries here. Monasteries here are situated on high altitudes from where one can enjoy a mesmerizing view.

What does Ladakh Offers for foodies?

Are you a foodie? Even if your answer is no, you will definitely fall in love with some of the local foods here.

The world’s best momos are served here in different varieties, either veg or non -veg, steamed, or fried, the taste is delicious. As the saying goes that one can understand the culture better when the food is served, you can also understand the Tibetan culture better with the food.

Ladakh is a major Apricot cultivator and no wonder the fruit, jam, and oil taste so better here. You can definitely take JARS of Apricot jams with you as they are so tasty plus the taking Apricot as a souvenir with you is the best and the healthiest. You have a taste of this marvelous jam with Ladakh bread and khambir which are one of the local foods.

Thumbka is also a local food here which is a thick broth with vegetables and meat. You can never forget the tasty steamed dumplings here which will make you, your mouth watering. Even though many cousins are also here as people across the globe visits here but the locals are the best.

What does Ladakh offers for adventure riders?

Ladakh has many global adventurous and dangerous roads like Chang-la and Khardung-la that connects Changthang and Nubru to Leh (capital of Ladakh).

Riding on these roads is not only an adventure but also a risk as it offers surprises and one should always be prepared before traveling here. Even in the motorcyclist’s world, a tour to these roads is considered as pride and achievement thus attracts riders a lot.


What does Ladakh Offers for shopaholic?

Don’t worry if you are a shopaholic which loves to buy stuff for themselves and for loved ones as Ladakh will let you take a lot of souvenirs with you as nothing is better than remembering the days with the souvenirs.

Here you will find big shops to the smallest. On Bazar road, you will find this very classy shop called Tibetan handicraft emporium where you will find the best handicraft items of Ladakh. The Tibetan handicraft community showroom in Clogansar also gives the best items but you can’t bargain in these mega shops here as they have a strictly fixed prize and sometimes you end up paying more.

But to avoid this you can go look for the local market and small ventures. They will not only let you have a good look at the items at the best price. You will love them more. You can find them in Moti Market where you easily find semi-precious stones and silver jewelry. Shah Market where traditional Tibetan clothes can be seen easily and you can buy them there. Ladakh Apricot store to buy your own Apricot jam, oil, and fresh fruit, and on the roads. You will find more small ventures during your trip.

What does Ladakh Offers for a curious cat?

Well, I know that you are not a cat of course but as you know that curiosity killed the cat so nothing is better than visiting a place and learning the facts. Here you will find many things that will make you curious but the two things that made me curious were The Magnetic hills and the Gurudwara Pathar Saheb.

This is believed that if you will park your vehicle on this hill without breaks then it will start moving upward against gravity, isn’t it amazing like how is it even possible? But it is the truth. Even scientists couldn’t find any logic. If you have any theory than do comment down as I am very curious.

Second is the history of Gurudwara Pathar Saheb, which was built in the memory of the visit of Guru Nanak the founder of Sikhs in 1517. Yes 1517, and still the heritage is well preserved. It is on the Kargil road, 25 km from Leh and here they have beliefs even related to the Kargil war.

What does Ladakh Offers for an Animal Lover?

If you love animals then you must have heard about the South Asian national Park, Hemis National Park. This national park is a habitat for many endangered species and rare species. The red fox, Asiatic ibex, Leopards, Tibetan wolf, Fusaria Brown Bear, etc.

You can also experience the ride of the Bactrian double-humped camels in Nubra Valley.

What do Ladakh Offers for Photographers?

Well for a photographer I don’t think so that there is left to mention. As you must have already figured out after reading the blog. Here you can capture nature, wildlife, street photography, adventure photography,etc.. Every scenic beauty is worth a shot and every moment is worthy of joy.

Ladakh is indeed the best, you can go solo or in a group. The Solo tour will let you enjoy and explore. Whereas the group will let you have beautiful clicks of the journey. Jokes apart Ladakh is a perfect location for solo travel or travel with your gang.


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