Best Water Purifier Available For Home


 Increase in the pollution level has made all the water bodies contaminated. The water that is supplied to us is clean but not safe for drinking. Impure water has made it necessary that we should have access to safe and clean drinking water. And to get clean and safe water one should have a Water purifier at home or at their work place. So now the question is which water purifiers are the best and suits your requirement.


Let us know what are the basic requirement that needs to be fulfilled while you buy a water purifier for your home or for your workplace :

1.Choosing a right water purifier

Water from different sources has different taste so only one type of water purifier cannot be used for every type of water. Water from different sources has different Total Dissolved Solid(TDS) Level. So One should first conduct a TDS test of water and decide accordingly to your need.

If the TDS level is below 200ppm – One can use UV(Ultra-Violet) filtration technology.

If the TDS level is between 200ppm-500ppm – One can use RO(Reverse Osmosis)+UV(Ultra-Violet) filtration technology.


2.Amount of water required

  Consider the storage capacity of the water purifier according to the requirement of your family. Considering a proper size according to your need will help even if there is increase in no of person, when there is no power supply or water supply. 


3.Consider the budget

   Plan to invest an appropriate amount in the purifier as it is a long time investment. Once you know your budget then you can search for the best product that fits your bill.


Let us know the best water purifiers available for your home,


Product’s Name Price
Havells Max Alkaline 7 ₹12,999
Eureka Forbes Aquasure From Aquaguard Amaze   ₹8,999
HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral  ₹10,399
Livepure Glo    ₹8,199
AO Smith Z8  ₹20,499


 Havells Max Alkaline 7-Litre RO+UV Water Purifier

Price- ₹12,999


  • Capacity – 7 Litre
  • Power – 230 Watts
  • Material tank type – Food Grade Plastic
  • Smart LED Indication – For Power On
  •                                       For Purification  On  
  •                                       To Show Tank full Status 
  • Technology – Electric Purification(RO+UV)
  • Product Dimension – 23.8cms(length)*30.0(width)*43.0(height)
  • Weight – 8.01 Kilograms.
  • About Product:

Has a unique space saving design that it can be placed in the corner of your kitchen.

It has a compact design and comes in a vibrant Pearl White and Navy Blue Color combination. Has a transparent water tank.

Have 7 Stages of 100% RO & UV Purification. 

Provides absolutely safe water with 100 percent RO And UV purification. Mineral fortification provides alkaline and clean water with great taste.

Mineral technology corrects the PH level and add natural minerals to deliver alkaline water.

Has iProtect purification feature that monitors and cuts off water if the water is not safe for drinking.

Give consumer friendly alert for self diagnostic, purification process, tank full, low water pressure, and error alerts for UV, SV, and also for pump failure.


2.Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze

Price – 8,999


  • Capacity – 7 Litre
  • Power – Corded Electric (150V – 270V)
  • Material tank type – Food grade plastic
  • Technology – Advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification 
  • Smart LED indication – To show power On
  •                                       Purification On
  •                                       Tank full Status
  • Product Dimension – 23.8cms(Length)*30.0cms(Width)*43.0cms(Height)
  •                                     8.01 Kilograms
  • Purification Capacity – 6000 litre.

About Product :

It is of Grey colour. Can be used for Water of TDS from 200-2000.

Power Consumption :40 Watts, Has an auto shut off Mechanism.

Water flow rate : 250ml per minute from RO path.(MTDS is fully closed)

                          600ml per minute from UV path.(MTDS is fully closed)             

It has Advanced TDS regulator which adjusts the taste of water as per the source.


3.HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral

Price – ₹10,399


  • Capacity – 7 Litre
  • Power – 110V-240V
  • Material Tank Type – Food grade engineered plastic
  • Smart Energy Saving Mode – Yes
  • Technology – Has Advanced RO+UV 6 stages purification.
  • Product Dimension – 37cm(length)*26.5cm(width)*44.7cm(height),7 kilograms(weight).

About Product – 

It comes in black color. Can be used for TDS up to 2000ppm.

Designed to treat multiple sources of water.

It enriches water with minerals like calcium and magnesium to provide clean and sweet drinking water.


4.Livepure Glo     

Price – 8,199


  • Capacity – 7 Litre
  • Power – Corded Electric
  • Material Tank type – Food grade plastic
  • Smart LED indicators –  For Power On
  •                                       For Purification On
  •                                       To Show Tank full Status                                                                     
  • Technology – Has Advanced 6 stages RO+UV Purification system that make consumption of water fit for drinking.
  • Product Dimension – 29.5cm(length)*26cm(Width)*50.5cm(height), 7 kilograms(weight)

About Product –  

Comes in white colour. It comes with a large storage of 7 litre. And is packed with numerous features. Has a stylish sleek design that it can be placed on any corner of your kitchen.

Has 6 stages advanced filter which includes Sediment filter-pre-activated carbon filter- RO membrane-UV disinfection column- Silver impregnated post carbon filter and mineraliser.

It has a max duty cycle of 75 litres per day.


5.AO Smith Z8

Price – 20499


  • Capacity – 10 Litre
  • Power – Corded Electric(60 watts)
  • Material tank type – Virgin food grade ABS
  • Smart – Has night assist to locate your purifier in the dark.
  • Technology – Mineraliser Technology, Silver Charged Membrane Technology, Advance Recovery Technology, 8 Stage Purification.
  • Product Dimension – 36.9cms(Length)*32.6cms(Width)*48.2cms(Height),15.2kilograms(Weight).

About Product –  

The Water Purifier comes in Black Color. And can be used for TDS up to 2000ppm.

8 Stage RO+SCMT for baby safe water. HOT water at a press of a button. One can choose water from 45 degree to 80 degree. The Glow effect guides you to your water purifier at night and also makes your kitchen look good.

It also comes with a Advance Alert that lets you know if any other filters needs to be replaced or repaired.


Here we have listed the best RO, UV or MTDS water purifiers available in the market. These purifiers have the best quality and features that gives clean and safe drinking water. Water Purifiers can be said as an asset. Some Purifiers may be of high price but will be worth of the spend. Therefore invest in the good water purifier and choose wisely as per requirement. And enjoy safe, clean and sweet water that will keep you healthy and fit.


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