In this new era of fast paced tech world, people might forget their home keys to take along or even their wallet but make sure they have their mobile phones along with power banks. Every day, every minute we are doing something or the other with our phone. Although they have started to come with long lasting batteries and fast chargers. Hindrance becomes the factor we are either outside and can’t find a port.

Power banks are viewed as a blessing from technical gods as an invention taking away a major problem. So here are the top power banks in India, you should have if you are looking for one-

1. Mi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i


The Mi Power Bank 2i comes with a store of 10000mAh, allowing you to easily charge your phone not just once but many times without recharging the power bank. It offers a compact design with textured sandstone finish which gives it a friction full surface ensuring that the power bank does not fall from your hands. It provisions two-way 18W fast charging, making sure that your devices are charged in an instant. Allowing you to charge two devices at once, this device also comes with a 9 layer circuit protection. You can also charge fitness bands with this, just switch low power, and taadaa, you are good to go.

2. Redmi 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank


The Redmi 20000mAh, is a power packed power bank which is easier to carry around in your pocket thanks to its curved sides. Its anti-slip edge hard texture offers good hold, be it on a desk, surface or in your hands. It has two ports, allowing you to power up two different devices at the same time. It also supports 18W fast charging and comes with 12-layer circuit protection to guard against short circuit, over-charging and several other issues. The Redmi power bank offers high-density batteries that are more durable and power-efficient and help you in the long run.

3. URBN 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

power bank

The URBN Li-Polymer Power Bank offers a capacity of 10000mAh supporting a 12W fast charging support, making sure you are able to charge your devices quickly. It features a simplistic design with rounded corners and comes with a textured finish providing an excellent grip on a surface as well as on in hand. The URBN Li-Polymer comes with two output ports, allowing you to charge up two devices simultaneously. It comes with 4-level circuit protection to guarantee safe charging. It offers a compact form factor, allowing you to easily carry it with you wherever you go and charge on the go.

4.Realme 10000mAH Power Bank

Realme 10000mAH Power Bank

The Realme power bank comes with a charging capacity of 10000mAh . The power bank supports 18W fast charging making sure your device is charged quickly. It supports two-way fast charging(charging two devices simultaneously). Realme comes with 12 layers of circuit protection to prevent accidents like short circuits etc.. The power bank comes with a high-density battery that can retain 100% of its capacity even after astounding number of 500 recharge cycles.

5.Ambrane 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank


The Ambrane Power Bank comes with a massive capacity of 10000mAh. It comes with 12W fast charging support ensuring you are able to charge your device fast. It features a compact design with an ABS plastic exterior that protects it from all kinds of scratches and marks. Ambrane Power Bank comes with 9-layers of circuit protection protecting from any internal failure, allowing you to safely charge your devices without any harm. An LED indicator that shows the current power that it can outlet. The dual 12W USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously.


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