Best Earbuds Available Under ₹7000


Here are some of the best Earbuds with pocket friendly prices below ₹7000.These earbuds are worth the price and give the best listening experience.

Be it listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks or attending meetings we prefer not to be disturbed by anything or anyone, so the best thing one can do to rid of this disturbance is to invest in a Good pair of earbuds.


Now you must be wondering about what should you keep in mind while buying a good pair of earbuds, so the answer is 


Earphones need a good quality Bluetooth Chip from the likes of Qualcomm and some decent high density batteries to make it work for longer between charges. So a good quality of earbuds will be of some decent charge.



The latest version of Android supports most Bluetooth audio codecs including the Hi- Resolution aptx HD, which sounds spectacular.


3.Battery Life 

You should know how long you can listen to the earbuds before they need to be plugged in to recharge in their case.



 Expensive or Good models of earbuds will surely include control pads or buttons on the earpiece.

Controls such as to increase/decrease the volume, to receive calls or to play or pause.

One should look closely at the controls that are to be offered .


5.Noise Canceling 

Earbuds offering noise canceling features are the need in today’s busy world. Earbuds usually include a ‘Hear Thru’ feature so that one can adjust noise canceling to the level that’s comfortable.

Try checking volume levels as all wireless earbuds are not created equally when it comes to volume level.


6.Charging Case 

The case that stores and recharge earbuds are a very important part of a pair of wireless earbuds thus, it should be robust.


Here the list of best earbuds under ₹7000


Brand Name Price
WeCool Moonwalk M2 ₹1199
Zebronics Sound Bomb ₹1295
Redmi Earbuds S ₹1798
Mivi Duopods M40 ₹2399
boAT Airpods 441 Pro ₹2499
OnePlus Bud Z ₹2599
Noise Short X5 Pro ₹3299
CROSSBEATS pebble 2020 ₹3599
Procus Bohemia ₹4599


1.WeCool Moonwalk M2


    Battery –          Earbud 40 mAH

                            Charging case 400 mAH

                            Type C connector

   Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0

   Design –           Anti fallout design 

                            (Suitable for Sports and          


                            Feather Touch control.


2.Zebronics Sound Bomb


    Battery –           Earbud 6 hours

                             Charging case 18 hours

                              Type C charging

    Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0

    Voice Assistant Support – Google and     


    Compatibility – Android and iOS  

    Design –            Water and Sweat 


    The earbuds gets recharged within 1 hour whereas the charging case get charged in 2 hours.


3.Redmi Earbuds S(With gaming range)

   These earbuds come with a gaming mode which reduces the latency to 122ms and gives you Pro performance for gaming.


    Battery – Earbuds 4 hours

                   Charging case 12 hours

   Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0

   Controls – Touch adaptive

   Design – Sweat and Splash proof

   Compatibility – Android and iOS

   Sound Quality 7.2mm dynamic driver


4.Mivi Duopods M40 


    Battery – Earbud up to 6 hours

                    Charging case up to 18 hours

   Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0

   Controls – Touch adaptive

                     (One button to play/pause 

                      music or to take/reject calls)

   Voice Assistant Support Siri and 


  It has a high quality sound system.


5.boAT Airdopes 441 Pro


   Battery – Earbuds up to 5 hours

                   Charging case up to 25 hours

                   USB type C charging cable

  Connectivity – V5.0 with a range of 10m 

  Controls – Touch adaptive

  Voice Assistant Support – Siri and 


  Design – IPX 7 marked water and sweat 


                 With Mic 1 per earbud

                 Sports friendly design


6.One Plus Buds Z


    Battery – Earbuds up to 5 hours

                    Charging case up to 20 hours

   Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

   Controls – Touch adaptive

   Design – IPX 5 Water and sweat 


                  Powerful deep bass

                  Environment noise cancellation

                  Low latency mode.


7.Noise Shots X5 Pro


    Battery – 8 hour playback of earbuds

                    2200 mAH charging case

                    142 hours of recharges

                    Reverse phone charging

   Connectivity – Better Bluetooth range

   Controls – Touch sensors on each 


                    Control playback

                    Adjust volume

                   Manage calls

Voice Assistant Support – Siri and Google

Has high quality aptX audio.


8.CROSSBEATS Pebble 2020

    These are elegantly carved and has 

    impeccable design.

   The copper colored finish on the buttons        

   gives a stylish look.


   Battery – 5 hours for earbuds

                   20 hours for Charging case

   Has type C fast charging – It takes less 

   than 1 hour for a complete charge.

   Voice Assistant Support – Siri and 


   Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0 

   One button Control –  Play/ Pause the 

                                        music, switch 

                                        music or receive 

                                        or end the call            

                                        from a single 


   Has an inbuilt microphone.


9.Procus Bohemia Truly Wireless


    Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0 

    Battery – Earbud up to 6 hours

                   Charging case up to 60 + hours

                   1800 mAH Powerbank 

   Design – Water and Sweat Resistant

                   Touch voice control 

   Voice Assistant Support – Siri and 


   Has an impeccable sound.


10.CROSSBEATS Torq 2020 Touch


       Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0

       Battery – Earbuds up to 12 hours

                       Charging case up to 3 days

                       USB type C charging 

       Design – In Ear sensor

                      Has inbuilt 4 microphone

                      Has environmental noise 


                      Audio with Qualcomm

                      Low latency

                      Qualcomm chipset


So, here are our recommendations for the best true Earbuds under ₹ 7000 with best features.

Earphones are a prized possession and a getaway to great music to yourself so choose the best pair for yourself.



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