Portable Speaker Of Best Brands


Music adds euphoric feel in the life of each and every person. If we can carry this music anywhere with best sound quality, then what’s wrong in this? Yes, I am talking about portability of good sound quality with Portable Speaker. Carry your music with you that also without compromising with the sound quality. Give your parties, celebrations or me time a good sound feast and enjoy.

Let’s have a look at some of the Portable Speakers brand


boAt is an electronic company based in India. It offers a wide range of portable speakers. And that too under their promising brands named Stone and Rugby. It is packed with latest technology. These speakers offer you long lasting battery life with full sound clarity.

Latest boAt Wireless Speakers Models

List of Portable Speaker –

  • Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Stone 260 Bluetooth Speaker
  • PartyPal 60 Bluetooth Party Speaker
  • Stone 700 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Stone SpinX Wireless Speaker
  • Rugby Wireless Speaker
  • Stone 230 Speaker
  • Stone 1401 30W Bluetooth Speaker


2. JBL

One of the best known names in Audio Industry. And it is an America based company .It is Founded in 1946. This company offers the best known loudspeakers, amplifiers and headphones. Has Long lasting battery life that provides 10 hours of unstoppable playtime with high quality sound.


  • GO2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
  • CLIP 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Flip 3 Splashproof 16 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Go2 Plus 3 W Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Boombox Bluetooth Party Speaker

It provides wide range of its GO, CLIP, FLIP, MOVIEBAR, BOOMBOX, PULSE, XTREME versions of portable speakers.


ULTIMATE EARS, well known as UE, is an American based earphones. It has in-ear monitors, wireless bluetooth speakers manufacturers that trusted best for their products UE Wonderboom, UE Magaboom and UE Boom.

You can expect the best quality of waterproof portable speaker. It offers pairing of two devices simultaneously without comprising with the sound quality. Wonderboom is indestructible.And you don’t have to worry about it and can carry it from one place to another.

Enjoy your 10 hour non- stop music with perfect bass.



SONY is a company based in Tokyo and has wide range of products. The Company provides a remarkable range of portable speakers of high quality sound.

Latest Sony Wireless Portable Speakers Models

  • SRS-XB10 Splash-proof Bluetooth Speaker.
  • SRS-XB31 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
  • MHC-V42D Bluetooth Speaker.
  • SRS-X11 Wireless Speaker.
  • SRS-XB41 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • MHC-V72D Bluetooth Speaker
  • SRS-XB21 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • SRS-XB30 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • SRS-XB32 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



iBall is famous for the production of laptops, tablets, earphones and speakers. It hasPortable Speaker that provides you ecstatic experience. Additionally it has good sound quality that appeals to your senses. Along with this it provides different versions of its portable speakers that includes:

Soundwave, Music Barrel, Soundstick, Musi Cube, Soundstar, Musiegge, Musi Dangle.

Explore wide range of iBall speakers and light up your party.



BOSE is an American based manufacturing company. It designs their portable speakers to match up with the pace of the busy life of people. These offer audio playing over any wireless connection from any other device.

Models available

SoundLink which is first ever product launched.

Soundlink Mobile : released in 2011. It was later replaced by SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker.

SoundLink Mini : released in 2013. This provides with good sound quality. And later was replaced by SoundLink Mini II. 

SoundLink Revolve and Revovle Plus : launched in 2017. It provides features like wireless charging. Along with this it has immersive and 360 degrees sound.

SoundLink Color : introduced in 2015. A Battery powered portable Bluetooth speaker. 

SoundLink Micro: released in 2017. This is the smallest and the cheapest Bluetooth Speaker. With the battery life of 6 hours enjoy the good sound quality.


Hence, light up your party, functions, mood with the help of portable speakers. Some of the mentioned above are good speakers with best quality. Wherever or whenever you go keep your music with you and enjoy your travel.






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