Fashion Tips For Men: Valentine Edition

Fashion Tips For Men: Valentine Edition

You remembered to secure a booking at the in-demand restaurant, you put your order at the flower shop, and you decided on a Valentine’s gift guaranteed to score some brownie points after more consideration than you expected. Well what are you going to wear now? This part of a Valentine’s date is easy to leave to the last minute, but V-day is as uncomfortable as any smart-casual invitation to wear. You don’t want to show up in a grey suit with a rose between your teeth, but for your so-called “tailored” joggers, this is not the night either. Everyone will need these quick fashion tips for men this valentine.

With this in mind, we’re giving you an overview of what to wear for four different date scenarios for Valentine’s. The clothes are sorted, and the chemistry is up to you.

Fashion Tips For Men: Valentine Edition

The Dinner Date

Nice choice; how can you go wrong with a couple of glasses of fine wine followed by three courses of masterfully prepared aphrodisiacs? Seeing you’ve crossed the barriers to secure a reservation, when it comes to what you wear, you’ll want to match the same effort.

In this case, it’s hard to beat some sharp tailoring, but you’re not off to a job interview and your date won’t want to feel like being questioned. Only loosen it up. In contrasting shades, discreet designs or a dressed-down double-breasted jacket, attempt to differentiate. Most notably, leave your shirts in the closet and either wear a roll neck or crew neck under the jacket. A pair of classic black Derbies or Chelsea boots would chime with what’s going on top, but if the restaurant’s particularly upscale, maybe add a neatly folded pocket square.

Don’t forget to use a towel. You don’t want to use spilt peppercorn sauce as an accessory.

The After-work Date

If you keep things casual with a quiet cocktail or an ever-romantic mix of Netflix/takeaway, we don’t blame you, honestly. With whatever you wear on Valentine’s Day, though, you should still make an effort. To maintain any sense of occasion, strive for the smarter end of smart-casual. Start with a sturdy pair of winter-weight fabric pants, such as Chinese moleskin, selvedge denim, or flannel pants. Build a simple cotton, plaid or chambray button-down shirt on your base and a generously fitted knit to fend off the cold. It would be perfect for a chunky cable jumper or shawl neck cardigan.

We don’t guarantee anything, but if your date isn’t inspired to get tactile by this mix of textures with a cozy pub corner or romantic movie, then we’re not sure what.

The day date

Whether it’s a day trip to a neighboring city or town, a visit to a new museum or a scenic walk on the lakeside, this choice is likely to see you going in and outside during the day, ensuring that savvy layering is key to looking your best while controlling the temperature as well.

By pairing a lightweight jacket-think mac, coat, field, unlined parka-with a mid-weight piece of knitwear, classic crew neck tee and a pair of dark indigo jeans or slim chinos, make sure you’re prepared for any form of weather February can throw at you.

You would want to go for a style that is both durable and comfortable when it comes to footwear: boots and leather trainers are your best choices here. Don’t skip your cashmere scarf and leather gloves if it’s chilly-both are luxurious but understated and give off a subtle sense of sophistication.

Date on the Dance Floor

The rules are a bit different if you’re going out-out. You can ignore the need to layer up against the weather and think a little more rock n roll in your get-up, thinking you’re going to be in and out of cabs, busy bars and packed dance floors.

To make an impact, you dress to be seen, so start with a printed shirt or a light patterned knit. Choose a sumptuous suede jacket to go over the top and a thin pair of dark jeans down below. Then ground the lot with some fancy footwear-our top choices are Chelsea boots or loafers.

Hence, these were some of the fashion tips for men: The Valentine Edition which will further help you out in many ways.


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