Creative Ideas For Date planning


Having creative idea in whatever we do is always on our mind then why go for the same things while you plan for a date.”Everything you can imagine is real”.So thinking of a dream date to surprise your partner and how to make it real. Then have a look at some creative ideas here that can help you fulfill your idea of a dream date and make it real and enjoyable.

Creative Ideas For Date

1.Go on a Picnic

Go for a picnic to your favourite place you would be thinking of for a long time to go together.Find some unexplored local places to visit nearby.And since it’s Covid time you can also plan it in your living room or on the terrace.

2.Go for a Trek or Hiking

If both are of nature who love doing adventures,sightseeing and crave for the beautiful view of the places from the top then the best idea would be to go for a trek and hike a new mountain.

3.Cook some delicious meal

If you are the one who is not much into cooking then learn and try some new recipes you have never tried,or your favourite food recipes and make a good and comforting meal together and enjoy making it.

4.Readout Some Books

If you and partner are bibliophiles then what more you can think of,read some best books available or listen to your favourite audio books together.

5.Make a Bucket List Together

How beautiful it is to share and discuss your beautiful dreams, with each other and make a wonderful and full of adventures bucket list so you can tick each one by one

6.Go for Stargazing

How about being below the sky full of bright and shining stars?Amazing and soul fulfilling, right?Then go to a Beautiful and open place and watch the bright blue sky.And if you love to watch planets and have telescopes then you can watch different planets together at the comfort of your home and have amazing conversations.

7.Go for a live show

Love watching live gigs be it a musical concert,games,comedy show or be it a theatre just go for it.You will get to watch new budding talent and will be able to enjoy it.

8.Try a new hobby together

Try a new hobby which you both love.Be it anything such as painting,singing,photography or gardening or something basic such as writing your thoughts in a diary and sharing it with each other.

9.Play a game

Play a game that helps you to know each other better and creates more understanding between you and your partner and the game of asking some questions and getting a reply will surely make you understand your partner more.

10.Go for a Drive but to an anonymous place

Just take out your vehicle and go for a drive, stop at random places ,click pictures, eat at local restaurants or dhabas,stop at one place and drive in,go for some shopping and visit all the beautiful places in the way,talk about random things, share jokes and laugh together,make plan for dates,listen to yours favourite songs and make new memories.

Dating should be fun,enjoyable so here are some creative,fun and DIY date ideas you can enjoy and make the best out of it.





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