GADGETS – Beneficial ones


Technology has changed our lives substantially Now, without the gadgets/techs it seems difficult to deal with our day to day activity. Apparently it became part of our life which implies if we are not keeping up with new gadgets 0r devices it will eventually hinder our
productivity as techs around us are being evolving constantly. Hence, we need to make sure that we are not lagging behind. In this blog I have articulated some of the gadgets- beneficial ones which will enhance our work productivity and consequently with the latest devices/gadgets will do things swiftly.

Let’s have a look at some of the Gadgets- the beneficial ones 

1. Logitech wireless keyboard k480GADGETS - Beneficial ones

The logitech k480 wireless keyboard is a multi device keyboard that not only connects with smartphones and tablets but also connects with laptops ,Pc or Mac .This is a multi device that can simultaneously connects upto 3 devices and it allows you to switch those devices using the dial on the left of the keyboard .It also facilitate you to switch devices between Pc and I devices which include Apple devices iphones, ipads even Macbooks .This can be used as a bluetooth wireless keyboard with a Pc or Desktop .The green notch is to mount your phones or even tablets it can either hold in landscape or in portrait format .It allows you to type comfortably ,the keys are really soft and easy to type on and well spaced therefore you can type for long period ,it’s a lightweight keyboard easy to use .Definitely check out it comes at the price of 2,499.

2. Zajia IPX6 TAP senor

GADGETS - Beneficial ones

This device is very helpful especially in these Pandemic times .For a price of 1700 this device can attach into an existing tap and convert into a senor base tap .It comes with a whole host of attachments and it’s actually very easy to set up there are two modes
available in it on the basis of your choice . It’s a pretty good device where there is a huge inflow of people it could be beneficial.

3. Triple wireless charging pad

GADGETS - Beneficial ones

This wireless pad supports 3 devices it’s a fantastic product as it comes in a 3 coils for power charging. The 2 coil offers 10v charging while the one coil at the centre which is usually for smartwatches offer 2.5v. The wireless Pad can easily charge two smartphones which supports the wireless charging smoothly. The design is also pretty good, the bulit
quality is also impressive as it can stand for a long term. so if you have a whole host of devices which supports wireless charging then it’s a good deal.

4. Lyrovo Double Filter

This product could also help you in many ways as this is a portable compact rechargeable mini vaccum cleaner and it has one of the most powerful cleaning capacities. As a result it will efficiently remove dust as this has the best and strong suction which can pull minute dust trapped. It does come with few attachments including a flexible hose ,nozzle attachment and with brush attachment. This portable vacuum not only helpful in your kitchen/households it will be also beneficial in cleaning the cars. It can be rechargeable it will clean all the clutter smoothly and will easily fit into anywhere and can clean deeper within. So, if you are looking for a good portable vacuum then you should definitely check this out.

5. Acasa 16A wifi pro.

Now this a smart plug socket as this allows you to connect devices and control via smartphones or by ALEXA or Google. So we just need to set up with the devices you want. For instances a TV ,any kind of diffuser speakers as it got an easy app to control the devices like you can set timings and can schedule accordingly.


So these were some of the Gadgets- beneficial ones which will help you with your works.



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