Bodyweight Arm Workout


None of us can go to the gym for a while with the coronavirus pandemic underway, but it doesn’t mean we get to miss workouts, and it doesn’t mean we get to skip bodyweight arm workout in particular. And while endless curls are a sure fire way to pump your arms up, without having to pick up a dumbbell, resistance bands or barbell, it is possible to pack-on muscle on your triceps, biceps and forearms.

So your arms aren’t match-stick  like we’ve put together a home bodyweight arm workout when you return from quarantine that will work your tris, bis, and forearms as well as give you a little cardio boost.

1. Dips Bodyweight

Bodyweight Arm Workout

Stand in front of a bed, a chair or, if you’ve got one, a bench. Grab it at shoulder-width with both hands. In front of you, stretch your legs out. By bending at the knees, lower your body slowly until your arm at the forearm makes a 90-degree angle. Lift yourself back to the starting point using your triceps.

2. Crab Walk

Bodyweight Arm Workout

Sit down on the concrete, your hands behind your back, your legs bent in front of you. In order to plant only your hands and feet on the surface, lift your hips upwards. To propel you forward, start walking using your hands and feet.

3. The impossible Press-Up

Lie on your belly and raise your arms with your hands on the floor above your head. Raise your whole body as high as you can from your fingertips and toes before returning slowly to the floor.

4. Body-up

Bodyweight Arm Workout

Starting with your forearms shoulder-width apart in a plank stance. Plant your hands on the floor and stretch your body upwards, making sure that your spine stays straight throughout.

Slowly lower your body to the starting point and repeat.

5. Towel curl

Stand or sit, grab a towel. Now bend your knees. Hold both ends of the towel with the middle portion stuck against your foot. Your set-up is ready, start curling and alter resistance as per your convenience with your legs.

6. Inclined push up

Place your hands on a bed or chair, with your feet on the floor, slightly wider than the width of your leg. Until your chest hits the bench, bend your arms and lower your body. To the starting point, drive the body back up.


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