Some Convenient Home Décor Ideas!


Decorating the place where we live helps us to enjoy the familiarity of that place and gives us some positive vibes. People spend a lot on home decor. If you are eager to decorate your home or room and want to give it some unique and handmade artistic vibes then go for convenient home decor ideas that do not cost much and you can bring an artist out of yourself while making stuff for your own home.

Here are a few convenient DIY Home Decor ideas that children can even do them.


Decorate your wall with a wall hanging as well as light up your room by using it as a lamp holder.

Material required:

1 balloon, thin jute ropes, fevicol, scissors, tweezers, small flowers for decoration, a bulb and wire.

Some Convenient DIY Home Décor Ideas!
Some Convenient DIY Home Décor Ideas!


Blow in a balloon and tie a knot to not let it blow out. Blow it to the size you want your lamp to be. Carefully apply fevicol all over the balloon. Try not to burst it out. Take the jute rope and start rolling it around the balloon in any pattern you want.

After rolling, cut it down with the help of scissors and join the remaining rope with the already rolled up one with the help of fevicol. Leave some portion of the balloon uncovered around where you have tied the knot.

Keep it aside and let it dry completely. After drying; take the scissors and carefully cut the balloon from around the knot. You can also use a needle to burst it by carefully piercing the needle into the balloon. After that take out the balloon with the help of tweezers. Attach the wire to the bulb and hang it inside the nest. Put on some flowers on the jute nest and decorate it.


Walls are looking dull and boring? Hang on some glass paintings and make it look artistic.

Material required:

Unused photo frame, foil paper, glass colours, black marker, brushes, water and a beautiful yet simple design.

Take an old and unused photo frame and open it. You will be getting two sides of the frame; one with the glass and one with the board. Keep the board one aside and start working on the glass one. With the help of a black marker outline the design, you want on your frame. After that use the glass paint and fill up the design with the colour. Keep it aside and let it dry. Crumble the foil paper carefully and open it after some seconds and lay it down straight on the floor. Now take the board side of the frame and place the foil paper on that. Join both the sides of the frame and make it a whole piece. You will get a glass painting with silver crumbled background to adore your wall.



Try out using an old flower vase as a fresh one to fill up your table.

Material required:

An old flower vase, painting colours, moulding clay, crepe paper, thin bamboo sticks, cotton, fevicol, scissors, pencil, eraser, green tape.


Start off by cleaning the vase and colouring it with black paint. Let it dry. Till then start making paper flowers. Take a sheet of crepe paper; any colour of your choice and draw the petals. Cut the outlines and join them together using fevicol forming a flower. Roll up some cotton and insert it at the meeting point of all the petals to hide it. Now attach a thin bamboo stick under the flower made and stick it up there. Cover the stick with the help of green tape forming the stem of the flower. Now get back to already dried vase and start making flower shapes with the help of the moulding clay on it. Let it settle down. Put the handmade flowers in the vase and it is done. Place it over your table all new and fresh.


Newspapers never get out of stock in our homes. And Why throw it out when you can recycle it by making some cute home decors?

Material required:

Newspaper, scissors, pencil, painting colours, beads, fevicol, small paper flowers and small bottle cap.


Cut down long strips of about 7 cm from newspaper and roll them in a cylindrical shape with the help of a pencil. After rolling join the loose end of the paper with the rolled one and press it down making it a flat stick.

Now take a bottle cap and roll the flattened stick of paper around it and join the end with the other part making it a circle. Carefully take out the bottle cap and keep the rolled circle aside.

Make two more circles but smaller than the first one and For making the cart, roll the newspaper in very thin sticks and join all of them together with the help of fevicol to make a cylinder. Make support for cart by making a somewhat thick roll of paper. Same goes for the handle.

Paint them with your favourite colours and add some beads to make it more crafty and beautiful and Join all the parts together with the help of fevicol and your decorative piece is ready.

These are some of the crafty and convenient DIY Home decor ideas that do not consume much time, energy and money. And Give them a try and let your  But artistic skills speak out while and decorating your space.


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