To Know The World First Understand Yourself!

To Know The World First Understand Yourself!
To Know The World First Understand Yourself!

“Look outside and you will see yourself, look inside and you will find yourself”- Drew Gerald.

Self-understanding can be termed as an ability to see yourself very clearly, To Know The World First Understand Yourself!  knowing all your strength and weakness through reflection so you can work on them and achieve your goals be it mentally, physically, or spiritually.

As a human, we always want to understand what the other person is saying and vice versa. We think of making the other person understand and we want to be understood but what we most of the time forget is to understand our own self. Understanding ourselves is important because when we are self-aware we experience ourselves as incomparable and sole individuals. It empowers us to make changes and identify areas where we would like to make improvements.

Benefits of Self Understanding

  • It can make oneself more proactive, boost acceptance power, and helps in positive self-development.
  •  To connect emphatically to others, to have control over ourselves, be imaginative and productive, and be proud of ourselves.
  • It helps in Better Decision Making.
  • It can make us better in the work we do, enhance our confidence, and make us a better professional at work.

After knowing all these benefits won’t you be thinking of ‘how to understand self?, What are the ways that can help you to understand yourself better? So here are the ways to cultivate self-understanding.

To Know The World First Understand Yourself!
To Know The World First Understand Yourself!

1.Be Proactive: To Know The World First Understand Yourself!

Often we react to things very rapidly but try to think about what the other person is talking about, understand their perspectives, and react accordingly.

2.Meditate and Be Mindful

Whenever you feel that your mind is wandering to other’s thoughts, gently try to be conscious of your thoughts, and try mindful meditation where you have to focus on your breath. Mindful meditation has been found beneficial from mental illness to losing weight.

3.Journalise and Make Timeline

Make a timeline of events that occurred that have a huge impact on your life. This helps a lot to understand yourself better as it gives a new perspective to things that once you thought as the way around.

Writing Journal not only helps to keep track of yourself but also helps to process your thoughts. It will help to find the answers to the question that bother us and make us feel happy and positive.

To Know The World First Understand Yourself!
To Know The World First Understand Yourself!

4.Ask for feedback: To Know The World First Understand Yourself

Ask for honest feedback from your family and friends. This will help you in finding blindspots, learning, and correcting your mistakes.

5.Be a good listener

Listening to what you say to yourself is very important for self-understanding.Listening helps to be present at the moment and helps to connect with everyone around you.

Besides these, one can do many other things such as keeping a track of your feelings, take out some alone time to do things that they love, practice saying no, questioning decisions, and always keep learning and exploring new things as one should not stop. Self Understanding is key to a good life. So, try to To Know The World First Understand Yourself! which is more each day, and be patient as it will take a certain time.



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