SELF LOVE: The Purest Form Of Love


LOVE is the most beautiful feeling in everyone’s life. Each living being wants to be loved. We love others, others love us. But what about our own self? Self love is the most underrated form of love that no one wants to understand. We want and expect others to love us but we never give our love to our own self. Self love is the most purest and precious form of love. It is said, “If you can’t love yourself then you can’t love others as well”.

self love
Self love is all about loving your own self the way it is. Loving ones own self is not complicated or hard but we all make it that way. We all make it impossible just because we always prefer being approved by others. We need the assurance of others, as in, society, friends or family and even the strangers.

All of us have moulded our mindsets in such a way that we want others to tell us about our perfections and beauty and if they point out our flaws and imperfections then we become all sad and gloomy. Not only this, to fit in the so-called perfect society, we even try to change our own self so that others can approve us to be around them.

Why we need approval from others? We just can’t ignore them and their judgemental stares on us? Why we can’t stop being puppets of the society and be what we really are? We just can’t love ourselves without letting others interfere in our personal space?

“You are perfect the way you are”.


yourself every now and then. This is the first baby step that will help you to develop some love for your own self. The best you can give yourself is the appreciation for whatever you have done. Appreciate your own efforts when you gain even a little success and even if you are not succeeding, appreciate yourself for making efforts.


in yourself. If you believe yourself then you don’t have to depend on others for any kind of confirmation. Believing ones own self over others is the next step towards self love. You already know that you will do good because you have that confidence and belief in you.


because you are not in this world to match the level of others. You are here because you are worthy of it and will set up your own standards. Realise your worth and don’t let others throw shade on you. If you feel disappointed in yourself because of what others are saying then keep reminding yourself that YOU ARE YOU and you are not here to impress them.


because you are one of your own kind. There’s no point in feeling ashamed or disappointed about the way you look. You are beautiful in your own ways. You don’t have to be like others just to be with them. Don’t fake your personality just because you don’t want to have judging stares on yourself.


because no one is absolutely perfect. You are perfect with your imperfections. Learn to love them and you are all set to love your own self. It doesn’t matter if you are chubby or skinny, wear glasses or not, what’s your skin colour or any other thing that make you feel lower than others. You are imperfectly perfect and once you realise this then you’ll be able to love your own self without any hesitation.

Here, read some lyrics, be confident and shower yourself with much love.

“I’m the one I should love in this world
Shining me, precious soul of mine
I finally realized so I love me
Not so perfect but so beautiful
I’m the one I should love”

Our whole life we try to impress others. This is how our society works and we are required to stick to it. We always need approval of the society even in the way we want to live. Just free yourself from all the bondages of the society and stop living for others. Live for yourself in the way you want to. Embrace yourself the way you are. Let yourself and your soul free. Love your own self the way you love others. Just remember, you are precious.

It is hard to show affection towards your own self when at each step there is someone to discourage you and to make you feel low. To love your own self you have to be strong and to remove all the barriers that you have placed around yourself and let yourself free. Make your own standards and feel free to do anything without having the fear if being judged.

Start loving your self and you will know the actual and real you who genuinely be happy and can embrace the way you are.


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