Empty Stomach Drinks To Lose Belly Fat


Everyone is keen to have a flat belly and mostly look forward to natural and not so complicated ideas. Here are 7 empty stomach drinks to lose belly fat. The ingredients for these drinks are easily available in one’s own kitchen and the drinks are really convenient to prepare. Give them a try and see the results.


Blend of honey’s sweetness, lemon’s sourness and hot water right in the morning before getting your body fueled up with food gives you one the best and most convenient morning drink that one can have to lose belly fat. Have a glass of hot water, add 1 tablespoon of honey in it and after that go for some lemon juice. Mix all of it well and there you go with your easy to make belly fat burner drink. It really tastes good. These drinks help in improving digestion and give a quick blow to metabolism hence, resulting in fat loss.

drink to lose belly fat


Jeera is a really common spice that’s available in every household. Jeera water is really beneficial for burning belly fat. It improves digestion and helps in reducing hunger. It isn’t complicated to prepare this drink. You just have to take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of jeera in it. Let it rest overnight. Drink the water next morning empty stomach by straining the seeds out of the water.


High fibre intake means weight loss. Chia seeds are a rich source of fibre and when taken empty stomach in the morning, it helps to burn the belly fat. Have them soaked in water and add it to your diet. You can also add them in your salad, smoothie, pudding, oats, etc. Excess of everything is harmful so, have it in considerable amount.


Also known as Dalchinni, Cinnamon can also be used for losing belly fat. Having it empty stomach helps in burning accumulated fat. It also helps in regulating bad cholesterol. Add cinnamon to boiling water and strain it out. You can also add honey to it. Have this drink every morning empty stomach before half an hour of having breakfast. This drink helps in accelerating metabolism.

drink to lose belly fat


Green tea is the most known drink that stands out in the queue of fat burning drinks. Green tea increases the metabolism rate and contains alot of antioxidants and acts as a detox drink or a cleanser to the inner body. Have it without sugar and get into burning belly fat. This is one of the most common empty stomach drinks to lose belly fat.


Look up into your kitchen and you will find many ingredients and spices that help in burning belly fat. Carom, also known as Ajwain, is one of them. Have a glass of water and add two teaspoons of carom seeds in it. Let it soaked for overnight and have it as the first thing the next morning. It helps in boosting metabolism and gets to the work of burning accumulated belly fat.

drink to lose belly fat


Fennel seeds, also known as Saunf, adds to the list of ingredients that helps in burning accumulated fat and weight loss. Have fennel drink first thing in the morning and witness the results. Just add two teaspoons of fennel seeds in a glass of water keeping it overnight and have it the very next morning on a routine basis. These are fibre loaded seeds and acts as a stoppage to overeating.


Boost in metabolism is the key to fat burning. Try out these empty stomach drinks to lose belly fat and also to boost your metabolism which will automatically result in the burning of belly fat and adds to weight loss.


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