How To Get Over Our Past



Past – An irreplaceable truth of one’s life. Each person has a past and no one can
deny its effect on one’s life. It is different in everyone’s life. It plays an important
role in one’s personal development. We all want a developed personality but this
can’t happen if we keep on holding on to our past. We need to get over our past in
order to accomplish something.

Not everyone has a good past but if it is bad then it’s better to let go. Holding onto the past only brings pain, agony, disappointment,
guilt, hurt, discouragement, regret, and all sort of negative feelings.
To get over our past we need to stop focusing on what’s bothering us. The dark past proves to be an obstacle in our life if we keep on holding onto it. It is not going to do anything
good to our life but if we let it go then this dark past proves to be a blessing that
will tell us our worth.
A quote by Shanon L. Alder states that,
“Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you.
However, if it taught you to hold onto grudges, seek revenge, not forgive or
show compassion, to categorize people as good or bad, to distrust and be
guarded with your feelings then you didn’t learn a thing. God doesn’t bring
you lessons to close your heart. He brings you lessons to open it, by
developing compassion, learning to listen, seeking to understand instead of
speculating, practicing empathy, and developing conflict resolution through
communication. If he brought you perfect people, how would you ever learn
to spiritually evolve?”

How to get over our bad past and start being happy

The best thing you can do to avoid being bothered by the haunting
thoughts of the past is to engage yourself in something productive that
you enjoy. Being productive doesn’t mean over-working.

You can’t be productive while being an over- worker and this will cause your
mind to divert into negativity and will also result in some serious
health issues. Do whatever you enjoy and let yourself free into the
world of opportunities. Find your calm and safe place and let your
productivity speak.

People always shut themselves down or shut out others from their life
when they are deeply indulged with their past and are not able to let it
go. If your past is haunting you, let yourself speak. Speak to those
with whom you feel comfortable. Don’t let your past and fear get the
best of you. Feel free to voice out your emotions and trust me this will
make you feel much better. Don’t let the four walls of your room engulf your soul.

Let your emotions free and help yourself from
getting out of your past. If something is bothering you, have a talk
with someone. If you don’t want to talk then write it out somewhere. It
will not make your heart heavy and will definitely give you some relief.

Socializing is the best thing to do when you want to divert your mind
from a particular thing. Socialize as much as you can. Go out with
friends, family, or even alone. Meet new people, explore your
surroundings, experience new things, do what you want to do but
never did. There’s always a first time for everything. In order to let go
of your past do all the things you never did before and experience a
new, strange yet beautiful world.

Reflecting on one’s own self is not a bad idea. Spend some time with
yourself and reflect back on your actions. While reflecting don’t let
any negative thought get into your mind. Take a note of the
reasons for what’s bothering you and give them a thought. Think if it is
worth your time to hold onto something that wasn’t in your control. If
you reflect on yourself positively then you will be able to get out of
your past and will be walking up with your chin up.

Be optimistic and you’ll find yourself diving into the ocean of joy
without having a single worry about the past. Always think positive
and what is awaiting you in the future.

Motivate yourself to do well
and best and you’ll be able to achieve whatever you want without
letting your past affecting you in any way. In case, you aren’t feeling
motivated enough, then, listen to music, read books, be a cook,
indulge yourself in any of your hobbies, or do whatever keeps your
mind at ease and calms you. Optimism is the key to success and
a happy life. Cherish each and every moment of your life and don’t let your past come in theway of your future. Leave it behind and give yourself a fresh start with new enthusiasm and energy. Let it go but never let go of what it taught you. Learn from
your past and do not lament over it.
Don’t let the darkness of the past overshadow the sparkle of your future.
By: Jaspinder Kaur


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